Welcome to Veles Stunts' official web pages. We are a group of actors and stunt performers specializing in theater, live shows, mocap, movies, and more!

"Veles - this name is very respectable; it is a Slavic god. Veles is the god of the underworld, wilderness, and magic. We must honor such a god because in our profession, it sometimes concerns life itself."

Our members are not only perfect stunt performers but also skilled actors with extensive experience in theater, street performances, live stunt shows (in Germany and Austria), and films. We are able to entertain small audiences just as well as large ones, and we are also familiar with taking on minor roles in films.
We have experience with sword fighting, stage fighting, falls from heights, fire stunts, and special acrobatic elements.

We are also experienced in ZFX actions—special effects that emphasize human movements in extreme situations using strings and suspension systems. These effects are also known as rigging. We have the equipment and expertise for this challenging aspect of stunt work.

We work with children to educate the next generation of actors and stunt performers.

We manage workshops for stunt performers.

We have extensive experience with motion capture for digitizing movements for PC games and films.
We present to you one of our latest productions: an astounding performance of acting and stunts set in post-apocalyptic Japan!

The epic tale of Shiro and the demons will draw you into a world filled with action-packed scenes and breathtaking battles.

Don’t miss this unique spectacle that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

This performance has already been successfully showcased at Animefest, and it will be featured at Advík on July 26th at 8:00 PM. It will also be part of Japonské dny v Ostravě on October 18th at 8:00 PM.

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